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December 2017
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Zagat’s 2012 Restaurant Survey Reveals Americans’ Dining Habits

by Kiri Tannenbaum How long are you willing to wait for a table? Fifteen minutes? Thirty? An hour? Well, according to this year’s Zagat survey, you’re in the majority if you said 30 minutes. What about your favorite kind of food? Apparently, most of us prefer Italian. You can find more answers to diners’ habits […]

American’s Disappearing Restaurant Chains

By Charles B. Stockdale MSN Money Partner These 10 once-loved eateries now register the biggest sales declines in the business. There is a school of thought that says the restaurant business is always a good business because people need to eat. A glance at the sales of many of America’s largest restaurant chains over the […]

Milagros Review

Review by Dan Purdon If you find yourself on 800 North in Orem close to the freeway, no doubt you’ll notice a spunky new southwestern-style building there proclaiming itself to be “the best Mexican food around”.  That place is Milagros – “miracle” in Spanish.  Of course, “best Mexican” is a pretty lofty claim to be […]

E-Cafe Review

Review by Dan Purdon During one of our frequent visits to Shoga in Orem, we noticed that the restaurant right next to it had turned from a frozen yogurt place to something called the E-Cafe.  Upon further investigation, it turned out that E-Cafe is a casual Asian restaurant focusing on the most popular dishes from […]

Spicy Thai Review

Review by Dan Purdon I’ve noticed something over the last few weeks – we have a lot of Thai restaurants to choose from around here!  And none of them (that I know of) are incorporated, either, they are all independently run local joints. I don’t know if that’s especially peculiar to our area or if […]

Station 22 Review

Review by Dan Purdon Recently I was tipped off to the existence of a brand-new lunch spot on Provo’s Center Street (by two totally separate foodie sources, no less).  It occupies the same spot that the tragically short-lived Angels of Philly did, right next to ComedySportz.  My wife and I decided to check them out […]

FRY SAUCE – a Provo Original

When Stan’s Drive-In  first opened in the early 1950’s it was operated as a franchise of Arctic Circle. Bob Peay was the original owner and operated the restaurant. During one winter evening of 1955 two high students, Ron Taylor and Max Peay, developed the original Fry Sauce recipe while working the night shift together.  They […]

Thai Bombay Review

Review by Dan Purdon Thai food’s popularity has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years, evidenced by new restaurants opening all over the valley.  Thai Bombay is one such place that just opened north of Macey’s in Orem.  But they can’t truly be called “new”, because it is run by the […]

Magleby’s Provo Review

Review by Dan Purdon Magleby’s has long been a Utah County trademark restaurant.  Ever since Doc opened his first Magleby’s restaurant here many years ago, the restaurant has gone through multiple location changes, spawned two new franchises, and endured the aftermath of hundreds of BYU home games. Magleby’s most recent move brought it to the […]

Art City Trolley Review

Guest review by Dan Purdon, Utah Food Maven. Over the weekend I found myself searching for a good restaurant in the Springville area, and my sister suggested Art City Trolley, a place that I had passed by many times before, but never had a chance to eat at.  About an hour later, we walked into […]