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December 2017
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Molly’s at Sleepy Ridge Review

Review by Dan Purdon I remember one day as I was driving along on Columbia Lane in Provo.  I looked up to see the word “Molly’s” proudly emblazoned on a tall sign in front of a new restaurant.  I made a mental note as I always do when I spot a new place, telling myself […]

Thai Ruby Review

Review by Dan Purdon Anyone who’s familiar with my reviews knows that I love a good Thai place, and here in Utah County we have a huge variety of local Thai purveyors to choose from.  Every time I think I have them covered, a brand new one pops up.  (Or, as is more often the […]

Braza Express Review

Review by Dan Purdon First off, if you’re a regular reader you’ve probably noticed a sharp dropoff on my review count since the start of Summer.  The culprit for this is an intense 3-month workout program, which packs an equally-intense nutrition plan.  While the program is great for making my muscles sore, the nutrition part […]

Tokyo Steakhouse and Sushi Bar Review

Review by Dan Purdon I’m always on the lookout for new sushi places to try, and if I hear about a good one I won’t hesitate to make a trip out of it!  (Seriously, I’ve been known to go all the way to Japan when the cravings get bad enough!)  So when I heard that […]

Asian Panda Review

Review by Dan Purdon I seem to be on a real Asian review kick lately, and Utah County is all to happy to oblige my addiction.  Seriously, how many different Asian restaurants are there in the UC?  I’m pretty sure it’s physically impossible to count them – one of the ever-shifting mysteries of our age.  […]

Malawi’s Pizza Review

Review by Dan Purdon If you’ve spent any time near the Riverwoods lately, you’ve probably noticed the elephant silhouette on the colorful sign of Malawi’s Pizza.  Perhaps the thought of African-style pizza jumped to your mind, piquing your curiosity.  Perhaps you were intrigued by the slogan emblazoned proudly on the logo: “Pizza with a Purpose”.  […]

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Review

Review by Dan Purdon I have a couple of friends who say that they simply don’t like barbecue.  Hearing that sentiment from people you care about is certainly a soul-jarring event, like hearing they hate kittens or that they love anything from the Simpsons after season 10.  But somehow, despite this fundamental difference in taste […]

Rice King Noodle Review

Review by Dan Purdon Recently more and more people are getting turned on to the refreshing flavors of Vietnamese cooking, egged on by the new restaurants popping up around Orem and Provo that offer pho and other Vietnamese fare. The downtown Chinese restaurant Rice King recently decided to throw its hat in with the Asian […]

Marley’s Gourmet Sliders Review

Review by Dan Purdon A few days ago my wife and I found ourselves near the Riverwoods at dinner time.  If you haven’t been that way in a while, you’ll likely be surprised at the huge changes that have taken place.  For one, it has been totally reconstructed into a pedestrian-centric shopping gallery reminiscent of […]

Sweet’s Island Restaurant Review

Review by Dan Purdon My exposure to Hawaiian food has been pretty limited, especially compared to other regional cuisines.  But it really shouldn’t be.  Famously large portions of slow-cooked meats?  Asian-influenced entrees and sauces?  Refreshing tropical fruit drinks to boot??  I should have been all over this! Lately I set out to correct this horrible […]