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December 2017
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Utah Diners Guide

Molly’s at Sleepy Ridge Review

Review by Dan Purdon

I remember one day as I was driving along on Columbia Lane in Provo.  I looked up to see the word “Molly’s” proudly emblazoned on a tall sign in front of a new restaurant.  I made a mental note as I always do when I spot a new place, telling myself I’d be back to try them out.  As the months went by, I heard rumors about Molly’s tasty homemade lunches.  But since I worked every day in west Orem, I never found the chance to experience them for myself. (Much to my chagrin).

Evidently, Molly read my mind!  Because recently they opened up a cafeteria-style remote location VERY close to my day job, so I have since had ample opportunity to find out first-hand what all the buzz is about.  (You can find them at the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course’s clubhouse, open Tuesday-Friday from 11-2.)

For starters, Molly’s offers an impressive array of hearty American BBQ fare.  You can feast on smoked chicken, pulled pork, and tender brisket, and many more – and most have the option to come in sandwich form if you’re looking for a quick bite.  Cheesy roasted potatoes are a hugely popular side, or you can opt for baked beans, mashed potatoes, or other hearty treats.  But don’t worry, dieters, they also offer plenty of lighter options, too!  Like a delicious sweet and nutty spinach salad and a variety of steamed/sauteed veggies to choose from.  For today’s review I will focus on one of my favorite items, which has been a godsend during my recent high-protein/low fat diet: smoked chicken breast.

The other meats are delicious too, don’t get me wrong.  But I am addicted to the smoked chicken.  It is covered with a savory dry rub and smoked to tender perfection in Molly’s smoker every day.  The subtle smoky flavor is detectable in every inch of this luscious bone-in chicken breast, and every bit of it is supremely soft and tender.  Feel free to add Molly’s signature barbecue sauce to yours if you wish, but I’ve found that I don’t even need it.  You get the wing attached to the breast as well – I like to save that for last.  It’s a wonderful little flavor-packed treat!

And if you get the chance to try Molly’s freshly baked bread slices or other baked goods, don’t pass it up!  It’s another area where Molly’s made-from-scratch attitude really shines.  They also have a rather unique item called Tomato Basil Pie – you might think twice about ordering such a dish, but take a little leap of faith and try it! It will blow you away.

And finally, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention the atmosphere.  I’m especially a fan of the outdoor dining area at Sleepy Ridge.  Where else in the area can you dine next to a babbling brook, surrounded by bright flowers and majestic stone pillars?  Not to mention the golf course itself, which spreads out for miles in front of you, fading away into wetlands and finally Utah Lake.  The tables are completely shaded during the afternoon, so it’s an absolutely perfect spot to enjoy a bit of lunch.

If it’s lunch time and you’re anywhere near Sleepy Ridge Golf Course, Molly’s in Provo, or now the Tahitian Noni offices, stop by and try them out!  You won’t be disappointed.  Or if you have a big event coming up, you can always hire Marvellous Catering to do the food.  Their menus are more varied and customizable of course, but Marvellous offers many of the same exact tasty treats that Molly’s does.  Just on a much grander scale!

Pricing: Under $10 per person

Molly’s @ Sleepy Ridge: Sleepy Ridge Clubhouse, 730 S Sleepy Ridge Drive, Orem.

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