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December 2017
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Utah Diners Guide

Tag: Burgers

Sammy’s Review

Sammy’s – Welcome to Burger Nirvana One of my favorite TV shows is Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, which is all about finding awesome little restaurants in unlikely places. Sammy’s in Provo is just such a place. Situated in downtown Provo, caddy corner from the NuSkin building, you’ll find a tiny little restaurant called Sammy’s. Specializing […]

Joe’s Cafe Review

Review by Dan Purdon, Utah Food Maven Friends, I have touched the golden ring of messy-burger nirvana, and it was good. Today I went to Joe’s Cafe, the new place on State St. in Orem across from the University Mall, with a fellow burger aficionado friend on his lunch break. We stood there in the […]

The Dormie Grill at Sleepy Ridge

Review by Shawn Stinson The Dormie Grill at the Sleepy Ridge clubhouse is in a league of its own. When I first got there I found myself having a hard time making a decision because everything looked so good. In order to make my decision I asked for some help. I was told that the […]

Stumpy Burger

Guest Review by Dan Purdon, Utah Food Maven My wife and I walk into Stumpy’s, the new burger restaurant located on Center St and about 300 West, ready for some good ol’ American burgers and fries. What I’m greeted with is possibly even more American than I imagined – as in, “old-school fur trapping mountain […]

Purple Turtle

This last week Shawn and I went to Purple Turtle in Pleasant Grove. Now I have been a long time customer at Purple Turtle for their incredible shakes but I have never really eaten a meal there. We walked in and were immediately greeted with smiles. The girl taking the orders asked if we had […]

Emmett’s and Ethel’s

Guest Review by Kari Ferguson It is nearly impossible to dine at Emmett’s and Ethel’s in Lehi without busting out a superlative at some point during the meal, most likely: “this hot dog is way better than (insert any hot dog joint)” or “these are the best fish ‘n chips ever!” Comparisons aside, Emmett’s and Ethel’s […]

Chadder’s “Taste the Difference”

The slogan at Chadder’s is “Taste the Difference” and with one bite of their burgers and fries you can immediately tell for yourself that Chadder’s lives up to it’s slogan. When the new Chadder’s location on 900 East Provo opened up I received a special invitation from Chadder’s to come in and try out their […]

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I’ve seen the billboards on the freeway and I hear family and friends talking about them. Them who? Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Apparently my family and friends aren’t the only ones talking about their burgers and fries. As you walk in to Five Guys and take your first look around you can’t help but […]

Carl’s Jr.

As Shawn and I discussed where we wanted to eat this last week, I had the sudden craving for a hamburger. Now normally I don’t really like hamburgers, I usually go for chicken. But for some reason, I really wanted a big juicy hamburger. I know Shawn loves Carl’s Jr. so I told him that […]