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December 2017
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Utah Diners Guide

Tag: McDonald’s

Commercials ‘Feed’ Impulse Buyers

Yesterday after I got home from taking my puppy Sawyer for a walk a sudden hunger hit me from out of nowhere. I had this urge to eat whatever that was in front of me. Chex Mix, Animal Cookies, and then this commercial comes on for the McDonald’s Big Mac.  Oh it looked so delicious. […]

What’s Next?

The other night I made a late night run to Del Taco. I just love restaurants that stay open 24 hours. Anyways, that is besides the point I am going to make. While I was there I couldn’t help but notice they serve cheeseburgers. A Mexican restaurant serving cheeseburgers? Yeah cheeseburgers, and believe it or […]

McDonald’s, I’m Lovin It!

For the last few months Kim and I have been on a McDonald’s kick. (It’s probably because there is one located just up the street from our house.) Since, it’s currently spring break I decided it was time to mix business with pleasure (as if eating out everyday already isn’t mixing business with pleasure,) and […]

Hot Dog Month- Wienerschnitzel

The other day I had this great idea that I would select a theme for every month and then once a week I would eat out at a restaurant that is in the category of the selected theme. I decided this month would be hot dogs. Why hot dogs? Let’s just say I was inspired. […]

Thank You Sign Hangers

You know those signs that have the changeable letters? Have you ever been driving by, saw the sign, and stopped to get something to eat? I know that I have. There was this distinct time when I was driving by a McDonald’s and saw “Come In For Some Breakfast.” “Okay!” I am a sucker for […]