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December 2017
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Utah Diners Guide

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Burgers Supreme Review

Review by Dan Purdon With all the fancy new dining options opening up in the area, Utah County residents have no shortage of options when it comes to deciding where to eat. In a spicy, eclectic mood? Go for Indian or Thai. In the mood for something fresh and flavorful? Why not Japanese or Mexican? […]

Pizzeria 712 Review

Review by Dan Purdon This weekend marked a great milestone in my quest to try every great restaurant that Utah Valley has to offer.  I finally got to Pizzeria 712!  Foodie buzz about this gourmet Pizzeria has been filling my ears for some time now.  As you might know, the guys behind 712 went on […]

Magleby’s Fresh Review

Review by Dan Purdon Sometimes we all need to find something quick and easy for lunch.  But all too often, it means we have to sacrifice on food quality and nutrition in order to do it.  But thankfully, restaurants are beginning to offer more options that can give us a better balance.  Magleby’s Fresh near […]

Rice King Review

Review by Dan Purdon The local Chinese take-out restaurant can be found in just about any town in America.  I believe the order of priority for any burgeoning town goes gas station, stop light, Chinese restaurant.  As Americans, we just can’t seem to live without our Mu Shu Pork and Kung Pao Chicken. Provo, of […]

Smoking Apple Review

Mmmm, smoky meat.  Every carnivore has a special place in his or her heart for some tasty, comforting BBQ.  It brings us back to the basics – it’s a pure combination of meat and fire, something that we humans have enjoyed ever since… well, ever since we could enjoy things!  And to do it right, […]

Angels of Philly Review

Review by Dan Purdon Angels of Philly is a fresh-faced new addition to the downtown Provo dining scene, housed in a prime location right between Comedy Sportz and Los Hermanos, two of the most popular date spots in the area.  I had no idea they had snuck in there until just last Friday night, when […]

Sammy’s Cafe Review

Review by Dan Purdon Hidden away on 100 W just off of Center St., Sammy’s Cafe has all the markings of a local college hotspot. It’s open later than most area restaurants, it’s a small and cozy “hole in the wall”, and on weekends you can find live music or karaoke, depending on which day […]

Sam Hawk Review

Review by Dan Purdon While many Asian foods share common ingredients and cooking techniques, it’s a fact that every single country puts its own unique spin on cuisine.  Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese – every one has its own delicious personality.  Today I’m focusing on local purveyor of Korean food, Sam Hawk.  Korean food is […]

Pizza Pie Cafe Review

Review by Dan Purdon All-you-can-eat pizza places are typically near the bottom of the Pizza Restaurant Totem Pole.  I must confess, that’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw this restaurant, and it’s a good part of the reason that it took me so long to get around to visiting it.  But […]

Pho Noodle House Review

Review by Dan Purdon Utah Valley has been fortunate to receive a plethora of culturally distinct dining options over the years, one of the newest of which is named Pho Noodle House, located on University Avenue in Orem. First off, my culinarily-adept friends have told me that “Pho” is not pronounced you think it should […]